Maximising Cross Sell in Key Banking Segments Globally - Millennial Focus - 2018

Maximising Cross Sell in Key Banking Segments Globally - Millennial Focus - 2018

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Now in its 6th year  and based on 30,000 consumer interviews across 15 key markets this report examines how different markets and banks compare on cross-sell metrics, including number of products held by consumers, types of products held, products held at main bank vs. other providers and main bank cross-sell ratios. This report also examines how the main bank compares to other providers when it comes to cross-sell and how this changes throughout the customer lifecycle.

This report will:

  • Allow you to identify key opportunities for cross-sell that exist for both the main bank and secondary banks.
  • Understand how to increase engagement with main banking consumers to strengthen the main banking relationship and increase cross-sell.
  • Understand how to target the increasingly valuable Millennial segment, primarily through service-led propositions that engage them from the moment they start banking.
  • Understand drivers of choice among millennials for both banks and for key products
  • Understand the importance of product vs service for millennials

 Key stats:

  • Globally consumers now hold 3.88 unique products with their main bank the highest in the last 5 years.
  • Consumers now hold 59% of their total product holdings with main banks.
  • While credit cards and loan products have increased, insurance products have increased the most.
  • Millennials increase their product holdings the most when aged 25-29.
  • Millennials also increase the products they hold the most outside their main bank at this age.
  • Credit cards and home loans increase the most among millennials aged 25-29.


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