Malaysia Commercial Payments Report

Malaysia Commercial Payments Report

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The commercial payments market in Malaysia is significant and growing rapidly. Yet usage of card products remains low, as businesses tend to prefer other forms of payment. This report seeks to shed light on the commercial payments market in Malaysia and unpick the payments behaviour of Malaysian mid-market businesses,
This report is based on RFi Group’s commercial payments research in Malaysia. It focuses on businesses with annual turnover of between USD10million and USD500million 

This new report reflects RFi Group’s extensive commercial payments research now being conducted globally. It draws upon interviews conducted with Malaysian businesses and extensive insights obtained on their payments behaviour and preferences. It is a must read for any commercial payments professional wanting to understand more about the Malaysian commercial payments landscape.
Features and Benefits

- Quantify expenses among Malaysian mid-market businesses
- Quantify the proportion of Malaysian mid-market businesses that own a corporate
   credit/charge card
- Quantify the opportunity for greater card usage in key expense categories including 
  T&E, stock/inventory, equipment purchasing etc.
Key Questions Answered

- How do Malaysian mid-market businesses pay for their expenses?
- What determines payment preferences among Malaysian mid-market businesses?
- What is the availability of corporate card features in Malaysia and what importance do 
  businesses assign to them?
- What are the competitive dynamics of the Malaysian commercial card market?
- How do Malaysian mid-market businesses make international payments?