Global Retail Banking Cross-Sell Report

Global Retail Banking Cross-Sell Report

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Important Report Information

Please note that the below is a generic summary of the RFi Group Global Payments Evolution Study for a greater understanding of the report. This particular report however, provides a country specific deep dive into the payments market in the United States.  


The 2016 RFi Group Global Retail Banking Cross-Sell Report brings together two of the most relevant issues in banking today – those of cross-sell and digital engagement – and marries them with more than 40,000 consumer surveys across 21 countries. These countries are distributed across every major continent, including North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
One of the key questions posed by this report is whether the engagement of a bank customer in a digital offering can lead to increased benefits such as satisfaction, advocacy and ultimately profitability through increased product penetration. This is a topic that we have tackled at a local level in various countries around the world, but not one that we had sought to bring together at a global level before.
The report also provides a global comparison of the following aspects of cross sell:
- Products per customer and product holdings across all customer banking relationships
- Products per customer with main bank
- Top banks in terms of products per customer with main bank
- Top banks in terms of main bank conversion rates
- The link between main bank relationships and cross sell
- The drivers of main bank relationships
- Customer main bank switching
- Life-stage factors that drive switching
- Case studies in successful youth banking
Within this report we chose to define digital engagement by overlaying channel usage with a frequency metric to give us four distinct groups:
- Digitally unengaged – don’t use online banking (desktop) or mobile
- Less digitally engaged - use online banking (desktop) but not mobile
- Digitally engaged – use mobile for banking less than once a week
- Highly digitally engaged – use mobile for banking once a week or more
Countries covered in the report include: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, UK, USA and Vietnam.

As retail banks around the world face challenges to their profitability from digital disruptors, higher cross-sell, main bank relationships and digital engagement will serve as the first lines of defence. Readers of this report will benefit by gaining a global understanding of the drivers of higher cross sell, which in turn will help guide strategic initiatives, product design and targeted offers. Furthermore this report allows readers to benchmark their institutions against global competitors on key cross sell and digital engagement metrics, both locally and globally.

Features and Benefits

Identifies higher digital engagement as a key factor in higher cross-sell and hence higher profitability. The report also covers the top banks from around the world in terms of digital engagement.

Explores the factors which drive main bank relationships, including the importance of life-stage factors in main bank switching. This raises the importance of understanding changing customer product demands as they pass through life-stages and making targeted offers relevant to these life-stages.

Provides global comparisons of key cross sell metrics, including the number of products a customer holds with any bank, the number of products customers hold with their main bank and main bank conversion rates; from this the report draws out the top performing institutions on each measure.
Key Questions Answered
- What effect does higher digital engagement have on higher cross sell and profitability?
- Which are the top banks around the globe in terms of digital engagement and cross
- How can institutions drive higher cross-sell by capturing main bank relationships at 
  key moments in a customer’s life cycle?