Global Digital Banking - Driving Digital Engagement - 2018

Global Digital Banking - Driving Digital Engagement - 2018

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Now in its 4th year and based on 30,000 consumer interviews across 15 key markets this report examines how different markets and banks compare on key digital metrics, including frequency of channel usage, profitability of different users, differences between generations and the effect of payments and PFM.

Throughout this report, we examine digital engagement, breaking it down by different age cohorts. Through our analysis of the products, providers and services used by consumers, you can understand how digital usage changes over time.

This report will enable you to understand:

  • Which digital features will drive a winning millennial value proposition?
  • Which are the most profitable digital value propositions?
  • Understand customer satisfaction, NPS and retention rates among digitally engaged consumers
  • Understand openness to new payments methods – which markets and which consumer segments are most open?
  • What is the balance between cash and card usage?
  • What is the likely uptake of mobile wallets?

Key metrics include:

  • Consumers who are digitally engaged daily hold the most products.
  • Consumers who are digitally engaged daily will take out the most products in the next 6-12 months.
  • Credit cards and loan products are taken out most heavily by 25-29 yr olds.


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